D-Link DSL-2750U User’s Manual

3 years ago

dlink user manual
Model: D-Link DSL-2750U
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Manual Description
In order to establish a connection to the Internet it will be necessary to provide information to the Router that will be stored in its memory. For some users, only their account information (Username and Password) is required. For others, various parameters that control and define the Internet connection will be required. You can print out the two pages below and use the tables to list this information. This way you have a hard copy of all the information needed to setup the Router. If it is necessary to reconfigure the device, all the necessary information can be easily accessed. Be sure to keep this information safe and private.

Low Pass Filters
Since ADSL and telephone services share the same copper wiring to carry their respective signals, a filtering mechanism may be necessary to avoid mutual interference. A low pass filter device can be installed for each telephone that shares the line with the ADSL line. These filters are easy to install passive devices that connect to the ADSL device and/or telephone using standard telephone cable. Ask your service provider for more information about the use of low pass filters with your installation.

Operating Systems
The DSL-2750U uses an HTML-based web interface for setup and management. The web configuration manager may be accessed using any operating system capable of running web browser software, including Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.