Delta 3Ax-602646-xUxx Quick Reference Guide

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Model: 3Ax-602646-xUxx
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Manual Description
The Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. 4-axis Digital Amplifier (Quad Amp) is a highly compact digital amplifier and power supply, packaged together to provide four axes of bi-directional (four quadrant) torque control for a variety of AC or DC brushless or AC induction motors. All control parameters including switching frequency and dead time are determined by software set-up of the controller, not in the amplifier. The Quad Amp is designed to work in conjunction with the Delta Tau PMAC2 motion controller, which supports up to eight axes of motion control. The PMAC2 delivers Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) on/off signals to the Quad Amp power transistors. The Quad Amp simply isolates and level-shifts these signals, at the required frequency and magnitude, to obtain the desired torque, velocity, and position. All feedback is processed by the PMAC2. The Quad Amp measures motor phase currents, digitizes them, and transmits them back to PMAC2 as a serial data stream. Position feedback data is sent directly back to the PMAC2 via the Acc-8F Digital Interface Board. The Quad Amp does not use or require any position data.