Fitbit Charge HR Product manual



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Date:2016-10-9 4:43:03

Fitbit Charge HR Product manual

Model: Fitbit Charge HR
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Manual Description

This manual gets you started quickly with setting up your tracker. Setup ensures that
your tracker can synchronize its data with or the Fitbit mobile app, where
you can get detailed information on your stats, view historical trends, log food, and
more. As soon as setup is complete you’re ready to start moving.
The remainder of the manual walks you through every function on your Charge HR
and also explains how to update your tracker when free firmware updates are
available. Throughout the manual you’ll notice that for tasks that can be done on the dashboard or the Fitbit mobile app, only the instructions
appear—if you have the Fitbit app for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, you can
easily find the comparable task in the app without needing tap-by-tap instructions
here. That said, all the details of our mobile apps are described in our articles at Just select Charge HR and then browse the iOS, Android, or
Windows Phone categories.
The manual concludes by explaining how to restart your Charge HR in the event you
encounter difficulty with your tracker. All other troubleshooting suggestions, as well
as detailed information about how Fitbit trackers and services work, can be found in

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