Pioneer Super Tuner III D DEH-P4550 Operation Manual

3 years ago

Pioneer Super Tuner III D DEH-P4550 Operation Manual

Model: super tuner 3d
File size: 1.68 MB
Pages:116 Page(s)

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Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operateyour model properly.After you have finished reading the instructions, put them awayin a safe place for future reference.

This unit features a number of sophisticated functions ensuring superior reception and op-eration. All the functions have been designedfor the easiest possible use, but many are notself-explanatory. This operation manual willhelp you benefit fully from this productspo-tential and to maximize your listening enjoy-ment.We recommend that you familiarize your selfwith the functions and their operation by read-ing through the manual before you beginusing this unit. It is especially important thatyou read and observe precautions on thispage and in other sections.

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