Schwinn DX900 Bike Owner’s Manual

4 years ago

Schwinn DX900 Bike Owner's Manual

Model: Schwinn DX900 Bike
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Thank you for making the Schwinn DX 900®Exercise Bike a partof your exercise and fitness activities. For years to come, you’llbe able to rely on Schwinn craftsmanship and durability as youpursue your personal fitness goals.

The Schwinn DX 900 Bike should enable you to shape and monitor your workouts to:
Increase your energy level
Increase cardiovascular and aerobic fitness
Increase lower body muscle strength
Decrease your overall percentage of body fat

This Owner’s Manual contains all the information you need tooperate and enjoy your DX 900 Bike. Also included are generalfitness guidelines. Please read this Owner’s Manual in its entire-ty before getting onto the DX 900 Bike and working out. Solet’s get started. Take your time and have fun!